Intergalactic, but make it floral.

All the aliens are currently shaking in their boots. Maybe not, since I’m wearing their boots but they’re definitely super jealous.

Boots are from forever 21 and everyone seems super surprised when I tell them that. Probably as surprised as I was when I saw them there. I had previously seen them at various boutiques for 150 up and all I could think was no way. Not for something I can only wear barely a handful of times.

I do this top knot when my hair is dirty and obviously most obedient. I just kind of put my hair in a scrunchie and haphazardly wrap it around. I hide some pins in it when I’m done to kind of hold it all together until I feel like dealing with my hair again but lately I’ve been kinda just washing my hair and hiding it in buns. Hopefully I’m rewarded with some crazy hair growth.

The dress and purse are Zara originalsss.  I’m a little disappointed in the bag since it gets stuck to everything and I’m scared it might eventually break but honestly I should’ve known.

I like that i can be super extra with this dress, like I wore it in the winter but I can also pair it with white platforms for summer or espadrilles. (Stay tuned for those looks)


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