Maybe it’s a little late to be wearing Christmas colors butttt I love this top. I’m trying to stay within season a bit more but honestly I don’t think I’ll stop wearing what I feel as opposed to what the season says I should. Like no white after Labor Day? Hah! I’ll wear black in the summer if I feel like it.

This look is just a wrap Zara blouse I tucked into a Zara skirt. It took some rearranging to prevent the shirt from bulking.

For my accessories, I’m wearing earrings I purchased from amazon. I actually love them and I’ve bought a few different ones using amazon. It comes with two colors for 10.99 Shop the earrings here!

The choker is from bold accents and honestly I’m pretty obsessed. I tend to wear this one often. I just purchased some intense cross earrings I can’t wait to show off.

Shop the choker here!

My watch is Burberry, my all time favorite watch ever. I never thought I would put my movado bold down, but then this watch quickly changed that.

The shoes and purse are a matching set from Steve Madden I purchased for my birthday two years ago. I am really pleased that they still appeal to me just as much as the day I’ve got them because I really don’t have a lot of the shoes I had two years ago around.


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