Bonjour Cherié

So my posts have been a little backed up, with work, my side hustle, and now these posts for Women’s month have me tiedddd up. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been out and about sporting some new finds! This look is actually the first I’ve shot with iPhone X rather than my fuji X-T2 and though my brother would’ve much rather be in foot locker rather than taking these pics outside of Dadeland, we made it work.

This top is new collection a Zara but literally the next day I went back there were none left, these Zara shoppers are low-key savages. I love the yellow and black stripes. Makes me feel like a bad-a$$ bumble bee. 🐝 The skirt I bought on sale during the winter sale so those are definitely long gone, same with the bag though I have seen many on postmark selling in new-with-tags condition.

The flats are a super cute find from Forever 21, absolutely love them. They look like some Kate Spades I was crushing on but for a fraction of the price.


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