Camo Chic

This looks is a full naked wardrobe look. Naked wardrobe has the best sets to me and I love the material they come in. In my opinion sometimes there is a very thin line when it comes to sets between chic and pajamas lol. This material has held up for me for some months now.

I bought the Camo jacket recently and love it! I can easily throw it over almost anything to give it a more edgy/ sporty look. It is the right amount of oversized but you know, not like  oversizedddddd.

I threw in the bag because, what’s the point of Camo matching everything if I can’t throw in a pop of color, right ?

The boots I got from, a great place for a good bargain. I don’t think they have them anymore but they always have A LOT of current looks and A LOT of good promo codes.

As the sun comes out I’m ready to start wearing less and going out more, as Drake would say. What spring looks are you guys excited for ?


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