Day has 14: Ashley Courtney

I met Ash on the set of the Miami Girls Redefined shoot curated by Cat Lantigua. Idk how Cat selected us, I never asked, but I bet it was similar to the way I picked these women, Women that inspired me in some way, women I have learned from and therefore believe others could learn from as well.

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Ash is a genuine spirit. Kind, creative, a bombshell. She full times as a graphic designer at an agency (to my dismay,  since I can barely pull her from her job) and aside from that developed the platform “Art of Bae” With Cristina Pimienta, while still working on her own unique designs and marketing them as stickers and T-shirts you can check them out HERE.

Also, I hold so much love and admiration for women and people in general that use their privilege and platform for good. As a white American female, Ash often stands right next to me, screaming louder and fighting harder for those without a voice.

What industry are you in currently? 

I am currently in the graphic design industry based out of Miami, Florida.

Is your industry one usually dominated by women? How did you fight stigmas?

The graphic design industry, in my opinion anyway, is pretty split down the middle in terms of female to male ratio. I know in the future the number of females is predicted to increase significantly so I’m definitely happy to be a part of this growth. I fight stigmas by not listening to any of the BS floating around and try to do my own thing.

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What are you most proud of at the moment? 

At the moment I am most proud of who I am becoming as an artist. I really have been dipping into a lot of different mediums and experimenting with aspects of design that I’m willing to challenge myself with. I’m finding more and more inspiration from doing this on a day to day basis.

How big a role has your culture and gender played in your journey? 

My gender has had a huge influence on my overall journey. It took me years to break out of my shell and realize what I can accomplish as a woman. The opportunities are endless!

As for my culture, as a white American, it is vital to see a perspective outside of my own. Far too many times I’ve seen others using their privledge for negativity. It is a duty of mine to use my voice to help those who can not be heard.

Any major life events in the last 6 months you’re working through? 

Some events or lessons that have occurred in the last 6 months would be biting off a little more than I can chew *Shakes fist*.

In the moment, for freelance work, you want to continue pushing your craft. I have to admit, social media has a strong influence on the creative industry in terms of productivity.

At times I have definitely noticed its influence on me. This opened my eyes and made me realize the true importance of recharging your creative juices.

* Scribbles on paper* 

Note to self: ***Just because you aren’t posting every. single. thing. you create, does not mean you are unproductive.***

What is your version of success? When will you say you’ve “made it”? 

My version of success would be the moment when my work speaks for itself longer than I can. Truly, as an artist, my goal is to create something that stands the test of time and lasts longer than I do. In the world we live in today, who will be the next classic who continues to inspire decade after decade? I strive to continue branching out until I reach this point along my journey.

What’s one thing you’ve realized with age/time in the industry? (and want other women to realize as well)

One thing I’ve realized with time in the graphic design industry is the importance of communication. The world we live in has desensitized us completely. There is nothing like face-to-face interaction or to aid the communication/design process.

Love or success? Should you have to choose? 

Love 100%. I have realized through my personal experiences that nothing can overpower it.


Anything you’re excited about right now?

My business partner and I (@thatscrispi) have created a monthly “Chix Flix” movie night. We want you to bring your own blanket, free popcorn, fun, drinks, ice cream, games and prizes.

So what is Art of Bae?

Art of Bae is a digital platform, art gallery, and production team that shines light on female artists around the world. My business partner @thatscrispi and I have just teamed up with FDF Media and have opened our first physical space at AG250 in Wynwood. We are so excited for whats to come, follow along at @artofbae on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Moving from Maryland, Was there any sort of culture shock or adaptation period? 

Moving from Baltimore, Maryland was a HUGE shock. It definitely opened my eyes to many other cultures that unfortunately Maryland doesn’t have as much of. I have learned so much from my friends and relationships I’ve made in the past 7 and a half years I’ve been in Miami. I owe the world to them for allowing me to understand what I did not see prior to living here.

How do you keep your communication skills in check? 

I keep my communication skills in check by ensuring that I am clear, concise, and to the point. The best solution in my opinion is to avoid any blurred lines so everything is on the table.

Can you tell me the importance of solidifying a presence as an artist outside of social media? 

This is so important! Social media is a tool, but it does not define you as an artist. Your WORK defines you as an artist! I believe that if you are true to yourself, loving, passionate, and hard working, people will take notice to your authenticity.


How has the support for art of bae been from other women in the industry? (Does it exceed your expectations)

It has been fantastic! Honestly, a lot better than we expected initially. Focusing on supporting one another as female artists has had a very strong response that is continuously growing.


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