Day 19: Fara Charles

Your style speaks for you before you even have the chance, but not all of us are gifted in the styling realm. I think the same way our intuition speaks to us and some of us are equipped to listen, there are people in this world with a super power that allows them to create looks, not only for themselves, but reimagining a concept and translating it to garments. My respect for it has grown, especially as I try to take my photography to the next level it’s one of the key things that make a shoot come to life. Stylists, set designers, make up artists, are the behind the scenes pieces to the puzzle that often go unrecognized by the general public.


Fara is here to change that. Styling loudly and proudly and curating events that elevate her fellow women, she is definitely a woman to watch.

What industry are you in currently? 

I’m currently in the Entertainment industry as a Wardrobe stylist.

Is your industry one usually dominated by women? How did you fight stigmas?

Um…. honestly my industry is dominated by men mostly, but both women/men will try to stop you in this industry. Men, because you won’t sleep with them and women because they’re afraid of loosing their position/clout (even if it’s not in your field).

What are you most proud of at the moment? 

I’m proud that every event or project I’ve ever been serious about, I’ve executed and turned it into a success!!


How big a role has your culture and gender played in your journey? 

Oh man… THE BIGGEST ROLE! Being black is already a blessing in itself because your color and gender allows you to stand out. So to me the only thing left is creativity/individuality which to me all humans are born with once you discover it

Any major life events in the last 6 months you’re working through? 

Honestly, I’ve gone thru both +/- life events in the past 6 months I do wish to keep them private at this time but I will say I’ve learned from both experiences and that’s what’s most important! Learn from all you experiences.

What is your version of success? When will you say you’ve “made it”? 

When everyone I love is Healthy and financially stable because of me, then I’ll say I’m a real boss which means I’ve obviously made it! because we are all eating and we all good because I never gave up!


What’s one thing you’ve realized with age/time in the industry? (and want other women to realize as well)

I think everyone knows with age comes growth in every industry, and with time comes experiences. Whether good or bad if you love what you do then it’s all worth it!

Love or success? Should you have to choose? 

Nope you shouldn’t. I think every successful person needs love or else they’re going to be miserable and probably eventually loose it all. I believe I have both and it works when your partner understands you and your career.


Any new endeavors you’d like to promote?

My #TFCPTOUR we’ll be stopping in Brooklyn July 15th and we’re currently casting online for Designers/Models in the area! Send submissions to!

In terms of women “hating” what makes your outlook different? (Like why would you rather help a fellow woman rather than to see her fail)

I love to see another person win no matter who they are but especially if they’re black. On top of that if I get to be a part of your victory then I feel like I have had one too! I’m also a strong believer in God and I feel if I help a fellow man/women then I’ll be blessed in the process!

What has been your most challenging project thus far and how did you make it happen? 

My fashion show in ATL had to be the most challenging project  I’ve done thus far. Simply because it was out of state and I was promoting all the way from Florida. I had to build my team, a trustworthy team, select a venue, construct casting and practices all from right here in Broward! But WE DID IT!!! I couldn’t have done it without some of my good friends Queen, Ebo and Alpha! Thank you guys so much!

How have you grown in your industry? 

Man… a year ago I was so lost and confused about everything…! I think it’s that transition from adolescence to adulthood and I was scared to step into adulthood, like the real adulthood. I felt it was way to hard. You gotta be militant, responsible, fake but not fake, network but know who to network with, speak but not to much, the list goes on and on. I just felt I couldn’t be one of those people, but I knew what I wanted which was respect in this industry. I knew to get it I’d have to become this person, and I want this so bad, that I did! I’m cool as shit don’t get me wrong but I’m also not taking anybody’s shit either. I’ve learned to always stay consistent no matter what! All your visions and dreams in your head can come true if you believe and baby I BELIEVE!


What do you hope to teach younger generations of women?

I hope to teach these young women self love. They need to know that no matter who they are they are beautiful and here on earth for a reason. Plus if you love yourself you’re able to love any body. Through loving others you receive your blessings and everyone can use a blessing or 2! Yes independence, strength, loyalty all of that is important too, but I think ❤️ conquers all!

Follow her on the ‘gram @fara_charles


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