Day 23: Paige Shari

Paige is my official girl crush. I legit messaged her one day “hey idk you but your vibe is BANANAS and I want to be friends. Bye.”  

I don’t think those were the exact words but even just from IG (and I never make assumptions off of IG) I was convinced she had the type of energy I wanted around me, or at least she was someone I’d want to work with.

Though we have yet to make our friendship officially with a face to face meeting, everyone that has had the pleasure has confirmed my first assumption. They describe her as nothing short of a light and a pure spirit and a force to be reckoned with!

At that time she wasn’t doing half as much as she’s doing now, hosting events here and there, some photo shoots, but I could just feel something coming for her, mostly because you can tell she believed it of herself. 

Fast forward to today, bigger events, bigger brands, she’s now the head of her own PR company and managing an artist, all while serving looks and loving her man. Proof for us that you can have it all and you can have it now, in your 20’s.


A queen. 

What industry are you in currently? 

I wouldn’t limit myself to a certain industry however, I would say that the Entertainment business has always been my first love and passion. 

Is your industry one usually dominated by women? How did you fight stigmas?

In my opinion the entertainment business has plenty of women and men equally in power however, men dominate it due to stigmas that were placed way before I was able to be apart of it and work in it. So I was taught by strong women that started companies or that were such powerhouses at the companies they worked for that fighting stigmas or inequality set the norm.

What are you most proud of at the moment? 

My website launch and the feedback I’m getting from working with my artist I have been managing for two years now Neilà. 

How big a role has your culture and gender played in your journey? 

It has played a major role in positive and negative ways , I have managed to make sure that my culture or gender haven’t done anything but kept me moving forward and getting bigger and better whether it be for myself, my company, or my clients.

Any major life events in the last 6 months you’re working through? 

A lot of things come into play from personal life no matter if it’s health with me or my mother who are both very sickly and we still manage to get through it and keep control of what I want out of this thing called life. 

What is your version of success? When will you say you’ve “made it”? 

I have no ceiling, lol. I mean that as I know God be working his ways around my life every single day and I’m successful now in my opinion because I have grown from where I’ve come from and I know for a fact I haven’t even reached my height of potential so it’s skies the limit for me. 

What’s one thing you’ve realized with age/time in the industry? (and want other women to realize as well)

That no one ever sets the tone for your life or career. No matter what they claim they can do for you or actually want to help with. It is up to you to actually get up and get out and get it. No matter the industry or profession or race. We as women carry a lot on our shoulders and so do our counterparts but your main focus is YOU, and never let anyone tell you different girl!

I want more women to write in journals and release their inner darkest feelings and secrets so that they don’t have to walk around feeling the weight of it. We deserve to at least get it out. Know that you always have a friend in Jesus or whatever God you may serve. And you have a friend in me. Email me or if you my homegirls call me. I’m here to vent to. 

Love or success? Should you have to choose? 

Success can not grow in a place where there is no LOVE to begin with. You don’t have to choose. You set the tone.

Any new endeavors you’d like to promote?

Yes, I recently have been curating a lot of events that are tailored to my women I now have a showcase that is returning in the fall to the A3C festival called Strictly RnB. So be on the lookout for that and my website which will be launching on March 12th so if you wanna see my previous work or wanna work with me you can find it all in one place. I will be hosting Milk and Cookies fest in Atlanta,GA it will be my first large crowd of over 4,000 people and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Also my artist I manage, Neilà who just released her second EP Sage will be performing at 1AM Vibes at SXSW and is headlining a few more shows this month. I couldn’t be more blessed. I love everyone that has supported me and sees the genuine work ethic I been putting forth to get to this point. I thank you all so much. 

Being self motivated and working towards being your own boss isn’t easy. What has been some non-negotiable character traits? 

Punctuality is big for me- in this game being on time and meeting deadlines is everything. But also coming through when needed is key. The phrase coming in clutch is real. Making sure I hold myself accountable for this is so important for me. Consistency- being consistent with my delivery as a manager, host or entity is key. Setting that bar high and keeping it there. 

Work Ethic- no one is setting hours for you, so you must have a great work ethic when being your own boss. You have to go and get it. Those are some traits 

How do you stay confident? Apart of it is upbringing and culture and things you can’t control, but what things do you practice to amplify those traits? Such as the way you speak to yourself internally, or affirmations etc. 

I stay confident by staying positive through it all. The ups and downs and knowing and assuring myself that I’m on my journey and have faith. Surrounding myself around people that practice those same traits. Also treat myself when I need an extra boost. Get dressed up cute and make myself feel good! Go get my hair or nails done.

There aren’t many guarantees in life in terms of health, and success. But what do you require from yourself and are therefore able to guarantee your audience? 

 I have to be honest with myself and true to my being (values and morals) always. I have to maintain my essence no matter what and require that I always do my best. With that in mind and at heart I can deliver my audience the best of me in any situation. Etc

What is it like promoting and managing someones success while simultaneously doing the same for your self? What is that balance like? 

Managing and promoting an artist while also growing my brand is definitely a delicate balance. Again I believe that surrounding myself with likeminded people is key. Wether it’s personally or professionally it’s important we share the same passion and core interests. Being selfless when it comes to growing my artists career but understanding that she is a reflection of my work and what I can provide as an entity of my own. Therefore growing my brand. Etc.


Paige has some exciting new things on the way. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her Website!

She’ll be coming out in a few upcoming commercials and hosting some bomb events as well as a showcase Strictly RNB that will be coming out in October.


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